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The Deliberatum : Semi-direct Democracy


Democracy innovation
National Employment Agency in 10 reforms

National Employment Agency
in 10 measures

State Reforms
Bring back the spirit of Champs-Elysées

The spirit
of Champs-Elysées

Tourism Strategy
Live Multilingual Voice-over Streaming

Live Multilingual
Voice-over Streaming

Market Study

Talent's opportunities


Voting Machine

Voting machine
"Souveraine 1ère"



Consulting, Studies & Concepts

for NGOs, States, Organizations, Educational entities and more

Sociology / Research

Target definition and Monitoring

A fine perception of the user experience, sensibilities and uses, enriched by a constant watch over very varied fields related to the technique and the improvement of systems.

Digital Strategy

Web Project Manager expertise

With a web project manager expertise since 20 years, Natasha Bernal is skilled with a deep understanding and visions about what internet and A.I. can brings to the table.

Feasibility and Budget

Global analysis

Natasha Bernal chooses the projects by passion, taste for challenge and in accordance with humanistic values. Her ability to connect networks and ingenious skills, ideas and operations allow her to meet challenges cleverly even with few means.

Technical investigation

Fast Understanding and Curiosity

Her ability to immerse in a field and to put herself in the place of the actor looking for a solution, taking into account the constraints and the potentialities allows her to define strategic orientations and an adapted panel of choices. Visionary, Natasha Bernal capitalizes on a real gift to see ahead the paths of the future and trends.


Connecting technologies & know-how

Since childhood, she has developed a sense of inventiveness and a reflex to imagine solutions as soon as a malfunction hurted her logical mind. Her ability to interconnect distant fields without any apparent links, to think out-of-the-box and to meet engineers, researchers, makers, administrators or creative people and to bring everything together intuitively, allows innovations to emerge and to be ahead, if not at the right time to launch such projects, 2 to 3 years before it becomes a need and an evidence.

"We have a whole team of 50 people in the innovation department that doesn’t have a single idea a year about what Natasha can have per week. That's impressive."

V.D. - Orange Business Engineer

"We don’t have the opportunity to go any further on this project with the budget cuts, but we like your philosophy."

1st assistant of the Ministry of Labour - French Government

"I admit that I gave my employees a hard time by showing them what you were capable of doing on your own in such a short time."

E.G. - Digital Agency

"Natasha is an exceptionnal Internet conceptor. She has done a super Job and, on top of that, she is a delicious human being. "

A.C. - Business Angel

"Natasha intuitively understands complex mechanisms and is able very quickly to make associations of ingenious ideas. She has led me to discover such inspiring people, it literally transformed my work and researches."

C.I. - Chemical Engineer
Designing a new world is good. Doing it is better!
Designing a new world is good. Doing it is better!

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