Hello, I am Natasha Bernal. I’m an innovation designer. The 21st century is a huge challenge for us. There’s so much to do. In 50 years, in particular, human beings have become strangely secondary, but I believe that, on the contrary, we must return to the centre of the economy and organization of the society.

I am passionate about the passion of artisans and engineers, past and present. Meeting people often simple but amazing, discovering know-how, materials, practices, fill my life permanently with joy. I like to think that an invisible bond unites us in great momentum and drives us to do things that are beyond us.

When I am asked to take in charge a problem or situation, to analyze it, to find solutions, the more the challenge is related to the well-being of the population, the more motivated I am.

Master Degree Multimedia / Cinema
Founder of a 20 years Freelancer's Agency
Senior Designer / Web project Manager
Business Plan / Projects on a Budget
Innovation Think & Build Consulting
Selected Projects