Marketing Strategy

Natasha Bernal no longer calls for tenders but exceptionally this study was produced in this context in collaboration with the journalist Alexis Lemoine.

The purpose of the mission was for the Champs-Elysées Committee to define a global vision for community management on social networks and several marketing campaigns of high attractiveness in order to seduce Parisians and tourists, in tune with the mythical district.

35 pages

2 axes of community management and 6 creative proposals were made ranging from fun to glamour to high-tech... to make the buzz.

An epic journey into the heart of Paris.

The Committee didn't go for it...
because they didn't like the non-competition agreement in the doc.
That is the practice when we work with concepts designers, there is intellectual property unless they decide otherwise. Natasha Bernal works a lot on pro bono projects and trust is at the core of any collaboration.


Natasha Bernal doesn't do anymore call for tenders.
It was a pleasant work, though.